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Our history - Trattoria il gabbiano

La Trattoria il gabbiano was officially born October 2, 1983.

From the earliest times is taken constant research to the tastes and expectations of customers that brings the young "bar gabbiano", in the space of a couple of years, to start a small catering business. The gastronomic offer innovative, the presence of wine not only the neighboring territories (which is very rare for the province of Cremona of those years), and the policy of containment of prices decreed the immediate success of the restaurant.

In 1992 he was made a radical restructuring of the property: the rooms increased from 1 to 3, the covered 25 to 60 and the kitchen is completely rebuilt by doubling the square footage.

In 1995 his son Andrea, having completed his studies, alongside parents Giusi Tigoli and Gianni Fontana in the activity and in a short time, thanks to training courses (AIBES, Seminario Permanente Luigi Veronelli) and private studies, goes to take care of room management and the wine list. In a short span of time the wine takes on dimensions from local to international fame going from 45 labels in the wine list in 1993, to 500 contained in today's wine list; also makes the appearance even the Charter of Spirits that contains between 120 Grappa, Calvados, Cognac, Armagnac, Brandy, Rum and Whisky and, finally, the Charter of the Beers with a dozen targeted offers with dishes served in the restaurant. Shall also launch numerous initiatives such as tastings and theme nights. The parents at this point can devote himself entirely to the management of the kitchen and the menu by making the place a further step towards quality.

The next step takes place in 1998 with the almost complete restructuring of the entire building and the complete transformation of the local bar-restaurant in actual restaurant. The rooms go from 3 to 2, allowing the local machine to accommodate large groups and receptions or banquets, installed air conditioning and a modern and effective air purification system; is also restored the ancient architectural structure of the property, with the enhancement, in the former bar, the mainstay in granite of. In the same year he joined the company the other daughter Stefania thus allowing the local to continue in the tradition of family.

In 2007 the brothers Andrea and Stefania transform the former bar room in a modern and cozy Enoteca, specializing in wines and spirits of quality but especially in the gift with food of great quality and packaging and presentation of great aesthetic impact.

Since 2011 Elena, wife of Andrea, became head of the room and contributes with his professionalism, gained through years of service at major facilities of the Val Rendena mountain, to make the atmosphere of the room welcoming and friendly, thanks to his innate sympathy and its superfine "feminine touch".


It all started so...

It all started so... - Trattoria il gabbiano

The old outside

The old outside - Trattoria il gabbiano

But today...

But today... - Trattoria il gabbiano

We see so!

We see so! - Trattoria il gabbiano
Trattoria il gabbiano

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